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Denise Boroff
The Founder

Imagine a piece of heavy steel pipe wrapped up in a soft blanket.

That is what you will see during your first conversation with Denise Boroff. You see her intense mental strength. She has the kind that comes from children who successfully raised themselves. The ones who put themselves through high school and graduated business school, all while working.

She is “old school.” Her email signoffs don’t say “Best..” or “See you later” or “Talk to you soon.”

She says: “God Bless.”

She started her business with a niche in businesses whose owners and employees often work outside. Being an outdoors person, she attracted those in industries such as construction. That list soon expanded to manufacturing and medical specialties were added later.

She found friends and clients in the sole practitioners of these industries. These were her people. The ones who worked 2-3 jobs to build their dream. The ones who knew the loneliness and fear of trying to make payroll at 3 am. The ones without rich uncles to call for help.

Denise is persistent, though the word doesn’t really convey how much. She makes her own odds. She believes in herself so strongly that you too feel stronger after talking with her.

This woman is also very private. She doesn’t share when life punched her in the face. She doesn’t complain. She just gets up and on with it.

Her clients love her, because she doesn’t give up. It’s the client who tries to quit. She fights. She inspires you to keep fighting.

Good business consultants show their clients what the need to change to earn more money or retire properly. Great consultants inspire their clients to see what the business could become. Denise is great that way.

She’s the nicest, smartest Momma-Bear you’ll ever meet. That is, until you try and quit trying.

She won’t let that happen.

P.S. – If you’d like to learn more about her or connect with her over Zoom, just click here.

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